Human Resources Management

Our central goal is to increase our employees’ professional skills, based on employee motivation, international openness and purposefulness in personnel selection. We expect academic staff to have international work experience, continuous self-development and active participation in international research and development and teaching and learning activities. We will introduce a unified academic career model based on the principles of tenure.

Risk 5Financial ambiguity and underfunding of the tenure system will harm the sustainability and attractiveness of an academic career in the long term.
Risk 1Long-term, consistent underestimation of the quality and risks of the management in administering competitive funding of contracts/projects will put the competitiveness and reputation of the university as a whole at great risk.
Risk 13Limited opportunities to recruit and keep top professionals in the field at the university will affect the competitiveness of the university in the long term.
Risk 14Uncertainty of the exit of these professors whose performance has decreased from the tenure system will damage the reputation of the academic career and professors’ dignity.
Risk 16Incidents that affect the study information systems Moodle and ÕIS can prevent teaching at critical moments.
Risk 27The risk of employee burnout due to the changes in the work environment and the increase in conflict situations will lead to disruptions in work organization, deterioration of the work environment, and a decrease in performance.
Risk 28Unequal treatment among the university members can lead to deterioration of the internal environment, individuals’ mental health disorders and greatly damage the reputational of the university.
Risk 29Ignoring occupational safety regulations leads to accidents that have serious consequences and can cause significant loss of employees' work ability and damage the reputation of the university.
Risk 10An inadequate succession of Estonian-speaking academics will endanger the sustainability of higher education in the Estonian language and the competitiveness of science.
Risk 12The low competitiveness of the academic career (relatively low wages of teaching staff/PhD students/researchers on the labour market) makes it difficult to recruit and retain staff and attract a new generation of teaching staff.
Performance indicators

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