Marketing and Coordination Program for the Next Generation

Project has been launched

The goal of creating the program’s action plan and launching the projects is to raise awareness among students so that they are better informed about academic career opportunities. On the basis of coordinated activities, we ensure that, as a result of raising awareness, the ratio of further students at various levels of study increases and the competition for academic positions increases. In the case of applicants for academic positions, we see the goal of increasing the proportion of student candidates who already have a connection with our university. Enriching the dissemination of information, both in terms of content and formats, contributes to the growth of the university’s reputation as an employer.

Project benefits

Through better information, the number of students who consider or try an academic career will increase. At all levels of education, the number of people moving on is increasing, rather they are considering further education instead of giving up in favor of the labor market. The offer of job opportunities to students increases, the visibility of the university’s job advertisements improves, the career counseling toolbox develops.

Results and deadlines
1. Creation of an action plan, setting up and launching projects, and recruiting a coordinator. 2023
2. Events introducing career opportunities will be held. Job opportunities at the university are consciously created for students and information about them is disseminated, students can be shown both study and career opportunities in an academic environment. 2024
2.1. Marketing activities for building the image of the university as an employer have been described and implemented.
2.2 The first measurable results are revealed (the number of applications within the university increases, students with TalTech experience move from one level of education to the next, the number of candidates for doctoral studies and the number of applicants for academic positions from the university increases).
3. Processes have been developed and implemented that support the long-term engagement of successful/talented students with the university, evaluation of the project's success, forecasts for a longer period. 2025