Renewed academic career organization (completed)

Project is finished

Project completed successfully

  1. Empowering young researchers (from PhD) and securing future generations by creating a motivating research track system with an aim to create an output for young talents (Assistant Professor).
  2. Establishment of the highest teaching track position to promote the career development of the teaching staff with the aim of stronger integration of studies and research and fostering evidence-based learning (non-tenured Associate Professor).
  3. Strengthening the role of entrepreneurship and public engagement in academic activities.
Project benefits
  • All academic staff, in particular lecturers and senior lecturers, will have a greater opportunity to progress up the career ladder; a teaching track Professor position has been established and the Leading Researcher position has been re-established.
  • Promising young researchers have the opportunity to prepare themselves for applying for a tenured position, and the attractiveness of the university among successful young researchers is growing.
  • The expectations for the performance in academic activities regarding teaching, research and public engagement have been defined clearly and in a balanced manner, which allows equal treatment in the evaluation and recruitment of academic staff and helps the staff direct their actions towards achieving the objectives.
Results and deadlines
1) Higher motivation of academic staff to work at the university2021
2) The levels of academic performance described in the academic assessment matrix in the type of teaching and learning development activities are increasing (especially in positions related to teaching)2021
3) Junior researchers with academically high potential work at the university, whose performance is rapidly developing.2021