Improving the availability and satisfaction with support services

Project has been launched

Support services have been made available to users and the environments where users can request services have been agreed. The development of support services is based on the user experience and the user centre principle, and efforts are made to implement the principle of one-time inquiry. A feedback methodology has been developed to assess the satisfaction of support services users and this will be considered when support services are improved.

Project benefits

Support services are developed based on the user experience and the user centre principle, which increases the satisfaction of university staff with the support services provided. Errors in the provision of services are detected and resolved quickly.

Results and deadlines
The volume, quality and other parameters of the services can be monitored:
1. 60% of services (pre-agreed) can be requested through the support portal2022
2. 90% of services (pre-arranged) can be requested via the support portal and immediate feedback can be given2023
3. Feedback is taken into account when improving services