Improving reputation and visibility in Estonia and internationally. Project No 4 – photo and video production capability

Project has been launched

To have the required professionals in order to ensure the capability to create high-quality photographic and video content and to provide news in an operational, cost-effective and up-to-date format to all the relevant stakeholders in media communication, internal communication, briefing broadcasts, press conferences, teaching and research, various events and to communicate messages in public media and social networks (incl. TikTok) with an aim of boosting and getting more attractive media coverage. High-quality videos can be used to buy Google traffic in order to be visible to new PhD students and interested partners. Since the processes at the university are complex, permanent agreements are needed to make the process smoother, faster and more flawless in order to produce more attractive content pieces.

We would like to make permanent agreements with 2 persons: an operator/editor and a production manager. This would be a permanent self-governing team. A permanent team is important for building trust and understanding of the functioning of the university, including the role of the researcher. In order for the project to succeed, elementary portable recording equipment is also required (the exact list needs to be specified by the abovementioned experts, the university has the minimum necessary equipment).

Project benefits

The university, including research, will get a visualized and more widely and better understood dimension, recorded attractive content that can be used for many purposes and for a long period of time. Well-presented communication allows its wider dissemination, also outside Estonia.  The content produced will also illustrate the university’s website, the websites of research teams, researchers and projects, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other channels. University units will have an opportunity to receive ongoing support for video coverage of minor events.


Results and deadlines
A team will be manned and the necessary equipment will be acquired. The processes will be started and the first results will be provided.2022
The process will continue until the summer and effectiveness and the need for continuation will be assessed after a year. (Continuing the production of quality video material is critical for reputation building, research communication, business collaboration and admission). 2023