Improving reputation and visibility in Estonia and internationally. Project No 1 – involving a network of external writers

Project has been launched

The aim is to involve a 5-member network of external authors in the team of TalTech’s Head of Science Communication, who would be able to create science news from scratch, incl. to communicate directly with the research group and work with background materials. An external network would be of great help if there are topics piling up in a period of time and the current university team is not able to cover so many topics simultaneously.

Project benefits

As a result of the network of external writers, approximately 100 high-impact research articles will be written each year, with a minimum of 2 media reports per article, i.e. a total of +200 strong substantive media reports per year. Highly qualified external writers would diversify TalTech’s image, improve the capacity to cover a wider range of the university’s activities and foster the researchers’ habit to tell more about their projects.

Results and deadlines
Buying articles from external authors.On an ongoing basis.