Implementation of the IT development process and user experience sharing (sync ALPHA) (completed)

Project is finished

The project was successfully completed.

  1. To introduce an IT development process that would ensure efficient and transparent development and digitization of business processes.
  2. To make the user experience of the university’s key IT systems similar (from the point of view of the student and the teaching staff). The user experience must be similar in the key systems ÕIS, Moodle, Intranet, Student Portal and App.
Project benefits
  • Digitization of business processes is more efficient and of higher quality. The use of financial resources is clearer and more transparent. Users’ awareness of and satisfaction with IT developments is growing.
  • The usability of the applications improves and the satisfaction with the applications increases.
Results and deadlines
1) The development process has been implemented, which ensures a more efficient and high-quality digitization of business processes. The development projects that go into operation have a higher impact and quality and bring wider benefits. The process with supporting tools has been implemented, the important roles in the process have been defined and confirmed, and the overview of the portfolio of developments is open to the entire university membership.2021
2) The principles of design and user experience have been developed and implemented (based on the university's CVI, a style guide has been created, the components of which can be used across the systems) so that navigation in information systems is easier for the user, information is easily available, and accessibility is guaranteed from different platforms.2025