Action plan of Tallinn University of Technology focus topics

Project has been launched
  1. Through cooperation, increasing the level, impact and funding volume of Tallinn University of Technology’s research in the research fields related to the focus topics.
  2. Providing and communicating solutions to social challenges to the public.
Project benefits
  • Researchers and research groups will benefit from improved collaboration, consolidation of resources and stronger presence in focus topics. Cooperation with companies benefit from stronger sectorial research and development partner.
  • Companies will have a stronger sectoral partner for R&D cooperation.
  • More, larger and more comprehensive project requests/contracts in focus topics.
  • The visibility of the university in addressing societal challenges in focus topics is increasing.
Results and deadlines
1. Formation of a steering group for each focus topic by the rector's order.IV Q, 2023
2. Analysis and mapping of specific strategic documents of focus topics in the steering group. IV Q 2023
3. Initiation and implementation of interdisciplinary research cooperation within and above the focus area by involving research groups. from IV Q, 2023
4. Preparation of a communication plan for in-house and public communication of focus topics.from IV Q 2023 - I Q 2024
5. Interim evaluation of the results of the groups of focus topics and making the necessary changes.II Q 2025