The program for strengthening strategic development directions

Project has been launched

The objectives of the programme are:

  1. To launch centres of excellence in cross-faculty cooperation that meet the needs and opportunities of the future, which will also become the main strengths of TalTech;
  2. To significantly increase the volume of foreign funding from international programmes and funds as well as from the Estonian public and private sectors;
  3. To strengthen TalTech’s position, visibility and competitiveness both in Estonia and internationally, to shape TalTech’s role as a compass for the development of both society and business and as an advisor of the society.
  4. To create the basis for changes in teaching in the future for the development of perspective specialties and the teaching of future skills, as well as for the development of doctoral studies.
Project benefits

Increase in the volume of foreign financing, increase in competitiveness and influence, increase in visibility.

Results and deadlines
1) Concept development and analysis phase. In this phase, no one is made to compete with each other, but initiative groups are formed, which make proposals for the creation of centers of excellence. At the same time, an analysis by the support units will take place and the results of the round of centers of excellence will be revealed. End of January 2024.
2) Preparation and analysis phase of pre-applications. The initiative group has established the topic of the center of excellence, and if it is recognized as perspective by the rectorate, it will analyze in more detail the current situation (SWOT, team, competitiveness in Estonia and internationally, uniqueness and intellectual property, future trends), main needs (human capital, infrastructure, amount of development resources) and opportunities (vision, results, opportunities for applying for external funding), fulfillment of all program goals.End of March 2024.
3) Decisions are made on the basis of pre-applications - which centers of excellence to move forward with.