Year-end/ Year-begin Warm Image Campaign to support 2023/2024 Admission (completed)

Project is finished

Project completed successfully!

We would like to make an imagological video campaign that would be shown on TV channels (TV EST+RUS), as well as in Apollo cinemas across Estonia. The purpose of the video is to create a warm emotional connection with studying (and working) at TalTech. To show that we have a good time here and that you will have a friendly experience here.

Project benefits

We preempt competitors in marketing activities. Visibility and reputation increase. We reach out to more potential applicants in the target groups of younger, older, and open university candidates. As the admission success rate has fallen short of expectations for the past 4 years, there is a strong need to try and change this trend to prevent further decline. We hope that with this campaign, we can successfully preempt competitors and persuade individuals to consider joining the Technical University precisely during the time of the year when long-term plans are made.

Results and deadlines
The media agency has created a preliminary media plan, to be confirmed no later than 28.11. November 2022
29.11.22 we will start cooperation with an agency if the project is financed. November 2022
19.12.22 is the deadline for videosDecember 2022
On TV from 23.12.2022-1.01.2023 and additionally in weeks 2-4 and 10-17, in Apollo cinemas in weeks 2-7. 2023