Upgrading and modernizing IT infrastructures

Project has been launched

To implement an information security standard (E-ITS, also known as the Estonian Information Security Standard or ISO/IEC 27001) at the university. The implementation of the information security standard helps ensure comprehensive protection for the business processes and information systems used to fulfill the university’s tasks, establishing a consistent level of information security across all areas. Improved organization of information security within the university, including its integration into all processes, allows us to focus on our core activities and be prepared to respond to attacks and other information security threats. Additionally, the implementation of the standard ensures that the university’s operations comply with various regulations and agreements.

As a public university, the university is obligated to implement the appropriate standard in accordance with the Cybersecurity Act and relevant regulations issued by the Government of the Republic.

Project benefits
  • Creates a systematic approach to the protection of various information assets.
  • Ensure better preparedness for various attacks.
  • Helps to assess various risks related to information security.
  • Enables the IT department to make its operations even more systematic.
  •  At the university, awareness of various threats related to cyber security is increasing.
Results and deadlines
Starting with the implementation of the Estonian Information Security Standard 2022 (Summer)
Successfully passed information security audit 2025