Development of Strategic Capabilities and Mitigating Strategic Risks

Project has been launched

Increasing the university’s strategic capability, messages and visibility through the identification and formulation of long-term strategy foundations, competitive advantages and positions, and launching effective activities to achieve and strengthen them.

Project benefits

The university’s development plan requires a long-term strategic dimension, with criteria agreed upon by the council – strengthening TalTech’s strategic position in society, securing funding shares, ensuring sustainable competitiveness through academic succession, strong reputation, and strategic leadership supported by core areas contributing to national security. These investments in the future are facilitated through messages and spokespersons appealing to society, enabling the nation to prepare for future changes and address future crises and challenges.

Results and deadlines
1. Speakers' program.
1.1. Pilot and planning2023
1.2. Master class - starting in groups of maximum 10 peoplefrom 2024
2. Agreeing on the in-house process of policy design, cooperation with ministries - STEERING2024
3. Future monitoring and white spot analysis - postponed until long-term planning framework guidelines come from the council2024/2025
4. Long-term planning and preparation for the next development plan - after p 3 inputs2025
5. Future conference2024