Improving the position in international rankings

Project has been launched

To realize the potential of the university in international rankings through raising awareness, targeted consistent activities, and strategic international comparison of academic KPIs.

Project benefits

Acquired awareness for better positioning in rankings, optimization of data presentation, carrying out reputational activities that have a significant impact – a targeted action plan for continuous improvement has been prepared.

Results and deadlines
1) Analysis of the optimization of the submitted data with corresponding proposals for the data owners.2024 I Q
2) Action plan 2024 for increasing the visibility of reputation research (in cooperation with Marketing and Communications Office)2024 I Q
3) Submission of new data and activities that increase visibility2024 II Q
4) Analysis of new results and proposals for the application of university metrics (if necessary)2024 III Q
5) Prepared university-wide action plan for ongoing improvement of the ranking position2024 IV Q
6) Implementation of the action plan (the need for additional funding can be assumed)2025
ADDITIONAL ACTIVITY: Ongoing monitoring of partners and reference universities 2023-2025 (access to THE agency database)2023-2025