Harmonization of monitoring activities and ensuring real-time traceability

Project has been launched

Harmonize the annual reporting cycle, link it to the cycle and objectives of the Strategic Plan and the Implementation Plan. At the same time, provide the members with convenient access to concise information.

Harmonization of different internal and external monitoring systems, which allows saving resources for double reporting (integration of accreditation follow-up activities with the implementation plan, integration of top-risk mitigation activities with the implementation plan, association of external assessment requirements with the internal monitoring system, synergistic HTS services) – once only and seamless governance

Project benefits
  • The coherence of the reports with the strategic plan helps to better communicate the goals set by the university.
  • Better flow and quality of information within the organization.
  • Improved management information and overview of the progress.
  • Transparency (reliability) of financing decisions is increasing.
  • Satisfaction with management increases due to higher quality and more transparent management decisions.
Results and deadlines
1. The concept of the report format is harmonized and consistent with the objectives of the Strategic Plan and the Implementation Plan. Q4, 2021
2. The key indicators of the Strategic Plan and the projects of the Implementation Plan can be monitored in real time in the SMART environment. Q4, 2021
3. (Partially completed - non-consolidated) - Good project management practice of the implemented projects (updated regulation; consolidated process, incl. Implementation Plan (RAK) projects). Q2, 2022
4. Implemented annual evaluation and monitoring of the success of projects. (IT, implementation plan projects (RAK) and other development projects). Annual review meeting pilot (general meeting). Q2, 2022
5. Annual Review - a Summary Event. Q2, 2023