Development and implementation of new financial regulations (completed)

Project is finished

Project completed successfully

The main purpose of creating new financial regulations (FE) is to support the fulfilment of the goals of strategic plan of the university.

Project benefits

The new FE contributes to the achievement of strategic goals and increases the competitiveness of the university. The new FE supports the quality of key activities, competitiveness, diversification of revenue sources, sustainable development, and improved transparency in the use and management of funds. The new FE motivates the organization to move towards cost-effective and efficient work organization.

Results and deadlines
Development of financial regulations2021
Implementation of the Financial Regulation2022
The university's total operating income will grow to 150 million euros2025
The operational result of the university is cumulatively positive during the period of the development plan2025
The annual volume of university investments will increase to 7.5% of operating income2025