Coherent organisation

Project has been launched

Developing a coherent organization and open internal climate: it increases cooperation and competitiveness and the quality of management through a clear management model and better communication between different units and levels of management.

Project benefits
  • The increased internal cooperation capacity and competencies of the learning and involved university community increase the competitiveness of the university as a whole (capacity for intersectoral cooperation, increased satisfaction with management).
  • Risk management and awareness by owners and different levels of management help to see new opportunities and solutions in risk management.
  • The well-functioning internal cooperation capacity of the university community increases the strategic competitiveness of the university as a whole to play a greater role in serving society and contributing to the economy as an opinion leader and leader.
Results and deadlines
1. IA follow-up activities are integrated with AK RAK activities and are performed in sync with the annual monitoring for at least two years.End of 2022
2. New engagement and communication formats described and launched (the marketing department has become the "keeper" of the new formats and the coordinator of pre- and post-communication):
2.1. workshops (brainstorming sessions, inspiration workshops, which apply best practice sharing and idea collection methods to involve a wider membership in management decisions on strategic issues;constant activity
2.2.starting the format of regular coffee mornings once a month from autumn 2022 (during the coffee mornings, the membership is given "directly from the source" on topics discussed in the rectory; every morning also 1 free topic from the "hall")constant activity
3. The university's strategic and structural unit risks have been assessed using the same methodology (risk matrix of the top 10 risks), which are updated and monitored regularlyconstant activity
4. Creating a network and opportunities to involve members of the international university family (collection and implementation of solutions). Needs brainstorming with International Staff Center.constant activity