ALPHA project (an implementation of a user-centred approach of Academic (AKAD) and Administrative units (HTS) support activities)

Project has been launched
  1. The division of roles between the units involved in the process and their roles (across academic (AKAD) and administrative unit (HTS)) have been agreed upon and implemented at the university.
  2. The University has agreed on and implemented a user-centric interactive support process and services (HTS cooperation) for the management of R&D projects and agreements and development projects (incl. the real estate and SPD projects) throughout the life cycle.
  3. In compliance with the agreed process, the university has introduced information management support and integrated information systems.
  4. Financial management is user-centred and comprehensive (budgeting, cost monitoring, reporting).
Project benefits
  • 90% of the university’s internal projects are successful (time, money, goals) – 2 years after the end of the project.
  • Satisfaction with the HTS support services in the scope of the project has increased significantly (since the basic level is not known, they cannot be assessed either 30% or twice, etc.) – 2 years after the end of the project.
  • The total volume of R&D projects and agreements has increased by 30% – 2 years after the end of the project.
  • The number and share of the lead partner’s R&D projects in all R&D projects have increased – 2 years after the end of the project.
  • All R&D projects and business contracts are managed in the (information) system created within the ALPHA project.
Results and deadlines
Synchronized diagrams of the lifecycle of R&D projects, Entrepreneurship contracts and projects, and learning projects on the intranet, integrated with mutual services (e.g. IO services in the lifecycle of R&D projects and the handbook)
The services of the business department are described, information both on the internal website for internal customers) and on the external website (for external customers)
Update of project management regulationResearch Administration Office
Definition of business projects (e.g. AIRE) and consideration in KPI
Complete document of the regulation of business contracts and projects (not scattered in different regulations)Technology Transfer Office
Update of IO, holdings, seed and spinoff regulations, including clarity of definitions + compiled guidelines for researchers and students to manage expectationsTechnology Transfer Office
Customer management software testing/implementationTechnology Transfer Office