Agreeing strategic directions and principles of internationalization

Project has been launched
  1. To increase the quality of international cooperation in both teaching and learning and research cooperation and business partnerships
  2. To increase the average level of contract and project partners and
  3. To agree on the criteria/activities for better integration of international employees with the university community (incl. language and cultural space)
  4. To develop long-term strategic cooperation with EuroTeQ high-tech universities in both teaching and learning and research cooperation, as well as for institutional development activities, incl. follow-up project (2023-2027) with funding.
Project benefits
  • Increase in the academic level of international cooperation, better coherence with university study programmes, higher levels of attractiveness, quality and activity of exchange studies abroad, higher level of international students; greater integration of international students and the teaching staff.
  • The growth of the university’s international prestige in all areas of responsibility, the most important development activities in cooperation with the world’s top universities, the increase of international competitiveness and reputation.
  • Improved administrative capacity for cooperation agreements.
Results and deadlines
1) Audit of the portfolio of international contractual partners (including Erasmus + contracts)2021 IV Q
2) Defined:
a) main areas of activity (expansion/focusing, goals)
b) cooperation principles (quality thresholds, preferences, central support)
c) regions (recruitment of students and staff, diversity, contracts/project funding)
d) metrics in teaching (joint curricula, share of mobility and preferences for form and profile of partners, ...)
e) metrics in research (share of joint publications and referability, volume of projects, ...)
f) metrics in business cooperation (volume of revenue from contracts, ...)
3) Audit and optimization of the portfolio of international networks2023 IV Q
4) Principles, qualitative foundations of international partner agreements and agreements and renewal of the process of concluding agreements2024 II Q
5) Annual summary for international positioning of the universityfrom 2023 II Q