Supporting the digitalization of industrial enterprises by implementing artificial intelligence and robotics.

Project has been launched

In research-based collaboration, to increase the digital maturity of industrial enterprises (mainly Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)) and their willingness to invest in the deployment of new artificial intelligence and robotics technologies.

Project benefits

Higher competitiveness of Estonian industry, better productivity, quality, and efficiency of processes achieved through research-based cooperation with universities. EDIH impact indicator: The level of digital maturity of the Estonian industry (Digital Maturity Assessment index based on the EC JRC methodology) has increased by 25% by 2025.

Results and deadlines
We count the first year of RAK-13 as July 2022- June 2023 according to the project schedule:
- WP1 The project has been administratively launched (agreement with the European Commission, agreement with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, state aid procedure manuals, team management process model, service descriptions and customer journey mapping.
- The AIRE team, together with the network, consists of about 50 people who contribute full or part time to AIRE services. To manage the team, there is a meeting every other week, a steering committee (once every 2-3 months) and an initiated Advisory Board.
- WP2: Test before invest demo projects service includes documentation ( and the procedure for selecting ideas, which has been coordinated with a lawyer from the point of view of state aid rules. 11 projects have been selected out.
- WP3: A survey of the target group was conducted in September 2022 to organize the trainings, 119 participants have taken part in the trainings. In addition, coherence was created with the Industry 5.0 conference.
- WP4: The financing advisory service is being launched.
- WP5: organized 9 AIRE clubs and 2 team seminars (with 50 participants) in August 2022 and February 2023.
- WP6 The project is well prepared for marketing and the website and CRM are ready for implementation ( Registration for the service through the website is implemented with CRM.