Optimizing the patent portfolio and improving support for and raising awareness on IO law enforcement

Project has been launched

To optimize the university’s patent portfolio by counselling researchers and organizing IO legal protection in accordance with the university’s expectations and market demand, to raise the researchers’ awareness of IO.

Project benefits

Commercialization benefits the researcher, the department, the university and society at large.

Results and deadlines
1. IO subject (for students of all study levels) - 2024 spring semesterSpring 2024
2. Master class of strong research groups: 1) identification of strong research groups (2023 IV quarter), master class of selected research groups (2024 II quarter)II Q 2024
3. IO-related trainings - as of the second quarter of 2023, various basic trainings held in cooperation with TO for different target groups. In addition, it is planned to conduct trainings on the following topics:II Q 2023
3.1. General courses: Discovery-patent-utility model; Design; Trademark-business name-domain name-geographical indication; Trade secret; Basics of licensing (technology transfer).
3.2. Specific and sectoral (e.g. bio, IT, etc.) IO trainings.
4. IO, patenting manual for researchers and support staff (assembling information, editing, project management)