Optimization and quality improvement of business cooperation support processes (incl. ALPHA)

Project has been launched

To optimize the processes, the services provided, and the roles of different university-industry collaboration parties.

Project benefits

Sustainable funding of research groups, the opportunity for researchers to advance in their careers, and to be recognized for their enterprising skills and contribution to society. The knowledge intensity and competitive advantage of companies is rising and economic growth is increasing. The contribution to society is increasing.

Results and deadlines
The development of the concept of business cooperation (completed), but the development of the support system for business cooperation will be continued in 2023-2025.complete, but is continued (2023-2025)
Description of business cooperation services (completed). The description of the services on the external web is in progress. After the entrepreneurship vice-rector takes office on 24.04.2023, the list of offered services will be approved and presented on the external progress
In order to increase the volume of business contracts (unfulfilled), several events have been organized to bring researchers and companies together, researchers have been supported in the preparation of the RUP application. A process guide for preparing an RUP application has been created for researchers, and an RUP information day has been organized, as well as several meetings with companies.2023 (in progress)
Active cooperation with associations has been launched, as part of this, seminars on focus topics and introduction of laboratories are organized.