Launching of school-based didactics and pedagogy centers

Project manager
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To this end we develop teaching and learning at Tallinn University of Technology in collaboration with stakeholders so that our graduates leave with a modern high quality specialty education based on natural and social sciences. Our alumni adopt the values of the university, and through them the ideas and knowledge of our best researchers impact the economy and society.

Project goal

The aim of the centers/ network engaged in didactics is to create a sense of unity in the university, to harmonize the quality of teaching, to be a meeting place for all departments, to bring together academic staff and provide an opportunity for exchanges of experience, seek advice or get inspiration.

Project benefits

To enhance and improve the quality of teaching at the university. Methodologists/mentors/advisors with pedagogical experience are working actively in the departments to support and provide advice to academic staff. The university has a functioning system for observing studies, which supports the development of the teaching staff and in the course of which feedback is received from colleagues.