Involvement of alumni in partnerships and realization of the university’s development goals

Project has been launched

Alumni have a clear idea of how they can contribute to the development of the university after their graduation.

Project benefits

Enhances the university’s involvement in the society, the university’s reputation will improve, financial support provided to research groups will increase, contribution to serving the society will increase.

Results and deadlines
1. Improving and expanding the alumni network, including supporting the next generation, increasing the sense of belonging among today's students.continuous action
2. Organization of information exchange between the university and alumni, including conveying information to alumni through e-mails (alumni newsletter once a month; producing interesting content);continuous action
3. Updating the alumni databasecontinuous action
4. Updating information on the websitecontinuous action
5. Preparation and presentation of overviews of the activities of the alumni movement.continuous action
6. Better preparation of further education based on the needs of alumni and skillful marketingcontinuous action
7. Organizing alumni events and gatheringscontinuous action
New Activities:
1. The aim is to organize/complete the data and segment alumni groups by year of graduation and major.end of 2023
2. The goal is to activate the Alumni Association and alumni of the year and to increase the composition of the Alumni Association by new active members. June 2023
3. The goal is to expand the functioning alumni network through the use of the alumni portal by other faculties (it is already implemented and working in the Faculty of Economics). 2024