Introduction of problem- and project-based learning

Project has been launched
  1. A university-wide event has been launched, where student projects are presented and compete with each other.
  2. An internal network of teaching staff, who develop/use project- and problem-based learning approach has been established, where best practices are shared (project topics of companies/research groups, opportunities are sought for joint projects between study programmes and/or departments, etc.).
  3. Classrooms have been adapted for project- and problem-based learning.
  4. Training courses introducing project and problem-based learning and events for sharing best practices have taken place.
  5. The courses involving project- and problem-based learning and the teaching staff conducting the courses are available in PowerBI.
Project benefits
  • Students’ satisfaction with the quality of teaching is increasing;
  • Students complete their studies within the nominal duration of studies plus 1 year (in the study programmes with a nominal duration of 4 years or more, plus 2 years);
  • Students are highly regarded and competitive in the labour market;
  • Teaching staff’s awareness of project and problem-based learning has increased;
  • Employers’ satisfaction with TalTech graduates will increase;
  • Graduates’ satisfaction with their studies will increase.
Results and deadlines
ÕIS and Power-BI developments.December 2022
Trainings and seminars.ongoing action
A network of teaching staff.October 2021
University-wide events where student projects are presentedfrom Spring 2022