Increasing scholarships, donations and partnerships

Project has been launched

To involve society in contributing more to research and development projects run at TalTech, to contribute to future generations (scholarships and grants for students), to student organizations, cultural groups and events held at the university. The aim is to increase cooperation between companies, individuals (from Estonia and abroad), organizations (professional associations, foundations), and the university. To increase the volume of donations and grants, a process for promoting a culture of donation has been developed and is being developed. The project will create an environment/platform to facilitate donations, provide a good overview of projects in need of support, scholarships, and ventures, and invite alumni, companies, and other individuals to donate to projects in need of support.

* The benefit of the platform is to provide an opportunity for the donor to donate conveniently and quickly, while:
1. the donors can choose the field and project which they want to support,
2. the project manager gets an overview of who has donated and can provide information and feedback on the progress of the project,
3. the donor has an overview of the fulfilment of the project goal (how many donations the project has involved).

To promote the culture of donation, support events (thanksgiving events, inspiration meetings) and activities have been developed, which help the partners to stand out better in the target group and to communicate cooperation activities with the university.

We would like to be a strategic partner for Estonian and international companies in terms of sectoral development activities and training high-quality and motivated succession.

Project benefits
  • A promoting a donation culture – encouraging the alumni, students and employees of the university to make donations. Active communication with target groups;
  • Strengthening cooperation between the university and companies – a single database/system provides a common information field for research staff, teaching staff, administrative and support staff and companies;
  • Preparing and motivating engagement of young people in the labour market – increasing the volume of scholarships provides an opportunity for more students to receive support;
  • Enables making investments significant for the university – co-financing options provide individuals and companies the opportunity to support the university through a simpler process. In addition, the university can support projects, developments and research it considers highly important.
Results and deadlines
Activity 1. Donation platform development and launch. 2022
Activity 2: Organizing a thank-you event for cooperation partners of the University of Technology (in 2022) and in the following years to develop an event in the format of a conference and gala of business cooperation.2022/ constant activity