Increasing Research capacity in Circular Economy

Project has been launched

The overall goal of the project is to create favorable conditions for cooperation between research groups in the field of circular economy for research development and innovation.

Project benefits
  • The university will develop stronger scientific competence in an important direction for the economy of Estonia and Europe. The number of academic staff working in this field will increase by 20% in the next five years.
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation enables a more effective application for Research Development funding and ensures academic continuity. Thanks to the inclusion of wider interdisciplinary competence, the sectoral research productivity increases significantly and research quality indicators are ensured at a level that exceeds the corresponding average indicators of TalTech and is comparable to partner universities.
  • Stronger networking of research groups allows for more effective use of the university’s research infrastructure (including cross-use of equipment).
  • The visibility of the circular economy and related activities will increase within and outside of TalTech.
  • An increase in the number and volume of business contracts.
  • An increase in the number of cooperation proposals from outside the university.
Results and deadlines
First Stage 26.04.2024
1. Preparation for the first stage:
1.1. Specifying the action plan and preparing the communication plan. September 2023
1.2. Formation of the Research Group Managers Working Group.October 2023
1.3. Confirming meetings with experts.September-October 2023
2. Brainstorming and workshops for the creation and validation of the idea contest process:
2.1. Best practice workshops with external experts (experts from Utrecht University and another university) and the methodology is ready. October-December 2023
2.2 Circular economy seminars for University ResearchersSeptember 2023-April 2024
2.3. Workshops of the working group of RMTL team and research group leaders for comparative mapping of challenges and competencies and validation of the idea competition process. January - February 2024
2.4. Introductory brainstorming sessions for idea contests and workshops for creating and validating the idea contest process. Confirmation of the evaluation committee of the competition. March-April 2024
Second Stage10. november 2025
1. Seed Money Idea competitionApril 2024 - May 2025
2. Brand-idea contestSeptember 2024-September 2025
3. Completion of the project. Communication service to ensure visibility of project activities in TalTech and abroad - September 2025. Preparation and submission of project report- October-November 2025 November 2025