Improving the quality of doctoral studies

Project has been launched

Improvement of the quality of doctoral studies through a higher share of research, closer links with economy, higher quality supervision, better organisation and increased integration of international students.
The results of the project are: (1) redesigned doctoral programmes; (2) a tutor training programme; (3) a comprehensive feedback system for doctoral students; (4) regular language courses for international doctoral students.

Project benefits
  • Doctoral students’ satisfaction with the organization of doctoral studies and supervision is regularly analysed and it has increased.
  • Dropout is decreasing.
  • The goals set for the number of defended doctoral theses have been achieved annually.
  • The share of defended theses within a nominal time (and N + 1) is increasing.
  • International doctoral students are better integrated, and the number of international doctoral students with Estonian language skills is growing.
Results and deadlines
1. Redesign of doctoral programmes. Spring 2021- Spring 2022, (completed)
2. Supervisors’ training programme. Spring 2022 – 2025
3. Development of a doctoral student feedback system. Autumn 2022 - Spring 2023
4. Estonian language training for international doctoral students. Autumn 2021 - 2025 and on an ongoing basis
5. Organizing the annual conference of TalTech doctoral students.Spring 2023 and on an ongoing basis
6. Involvement of industrial doctoral students and supervisors from outside the university.Being developed