Improving the quality of doctoral studies

Project has been launched

Improvement of the quality of doctoral studies through a higher share of research, closer links with economy, higher quality supervision, better organisation and increased integration of international students.
The results of the project are: (1) redesigned doctoral programmes; (2) a tutor training programme; (3) a comprehensive feedback system for doctoral students; (4) regular language courses for international doctoral students.

Project benefits
  • Doctoral students’ satisfaction with the organization of doctoral studies and supervision is regularly analysed and it has increased.
  • Dropout is decreasing.
  • The goals set for the number of defended doctoral theses have been achieved annually.
  • The share of defended theses within a nominal time (and N + 1) is increasing.
  • International doctoral students are better integrated, and the number of international doctoral students with Estonian language skills is growing.
Results and deadlines
1. Redesign of doctoral programmes. Spring 2021- Spring 2022, (completed)
2. Supervisors’ training programme. Spring 2022 – 2025
3. Development of a doctoral student feedback system. Autumn 2022 - Spring 2023
4. Estonian language training for international doctoral students. Autumn 2021 - 2025 and on an ongoing basis
5. Involvement of industrial doctoral students and supervisors from outside the university.Being developed