Implementation of the sports club development plan

Project has been launched

The main activities of the sports club to achieve the goals are:

  1. Implementing the sports policy of Tallinn University of Technology and creating conditions for that;
  2. Creation of training and sports facilities, organization of competitions, promotion of student sports;
  3. Recruitment, training and guidance of teams and individual fish athletes, registration and participation in local and international competitions;
  4. Cooperation with sports organisations in Estonia and internationally.
Results and deadlines
GoalBaselineTarget levelDeadline
The number of viewers at the games, average per competition.280500+from 2022
Employees who train (number of annual tickets).3505002025
Participants in the main events.4008002025
Students who have declared the subject "Basics of Physical Movement" (per year).19672000+al 2022
Students who train (external to the subject).300300+al 2022
Coherence of learning with knowledge-based (lectures and their participants).-4(200)2021
The sports club's share of the university's Share of Voice20%20%+constantly
Number of medals492025
Strategic partnerships-32025
Sponsorship income (money from privet sector)growth of 5% per year2022-2025
Sales revenue from external customersgrowth of 5% per year2022-2025
New floor for table tennis and stretching area2021
Tennis and padel courts, lobby and stadium renovation2022
New floor of the running circle in the sports building, renovation of the changing rooms2023
Renovation of toilets2024
Construction of the second floor of the gym2025