Harmonizing the level and quality of continuing education studies

Project has been launched

Uniform high level of continuing education at the university, central management and better servicing of the target groups.

Project benefits

TalTech’s selection of continuing education courses is complemented by high-quality e-courses that meet the goals of the Estonian state to implement the green turn and ditch turn and educate the adult population. The trainings are related to the implementation of the digital and green transition measures of the EU grants.

Results and deadlines
6 e-courses will be prepared by the faculties and lecturers of the open university, which will be added to the university's continuing education calendar. Courses are sold through a national training subscription or on a commercial basis.2024/2025
A competition is announced for the creation of e-courses related to the digital revolution and the green revolution.Spring of 2024
The lecturers prepare the selected e-coursesSummer of 2024
Recording of e-courses is taking placeSeptember-November 2024
E-courses in the training calendarIV Q 2024