Project has been launched

To provide a high-level education to our future engineers and to be a leading “university of the future” and to become the most influential science-based ecosystem of engineering education in Europe and beyond. To develop systematic and sustainable cooperation in the field of teaching. The project involves joint courses and study programmes at different levels of study across national borders, fields and academic disciplines.

Project benefits

Through problem-based joint projects and challenges the project will bring together university students, vocational trainees, professionals and stakeholders from various areas of society and industry. The long-term objective is to develop strategic partnership of the university with the EuroTech network and its members, obtain continued funding from the European Universities programme and the consortium’s joint development projects in cooperation with internationally renowned and high-quality top universities.

The EuroTeQ Engineering University project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Results and deadlines
Implementation of a catalog of courses between EuroTeQ partner universities2021-2027
In cooperation with partner universities, 18 high-quality e-courses and 18 challenge-based student projects (Colliders) will be completed as a result of the project.2027
Implementation of student projects based on challenges (Colliders)2027
Amount of credits transferred from partner universities (including Erasmus) and credits taken from TalTech.2027