Establishment of the TalTech Endowment Fund

Project has been launched

Establish TalTech Endowment Fund. To evaluate the expansion of the development fund to include different sources of income, donations and investments.

Project benefits

Give a strong strategic message: TalTech is a strategic partner of society, investing in the future and helping society to be ready to solve future problems together with the entire TalTech alumni family.

Results and deadlines
1. To update the purpose of the fund, the business model of the fund, the principles of using the fund and the management model and management.2023/2024
2. Conduct discussions in the Alumni Association, rectorate, senate and experts (including ordering expertise and legal-financial analysis).2023
3. University internal process, management and administration.2023
4. Marketing, communicating and planning sales activities to grow the fund.2023/2024