Establishing a support system to support the creation of spin-offs and other start-ups (completed)

Project is finished

Project completed.

According to the Research and Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Plan, not enough research results and the know-how of the researchers as experts are exploited to solve societal problems and challenges. Our goal is to help the discoveries and knowledge born at Tallinn University of Technology reach society and business. The more specific objective is to set up a support system that involves systematic activities (development programs: TalTech DeepEST and STARTER, mentoring, networking, funding opportunities) to support researchers and students in setting up spin-offs and start-ups and commercializing IO (Intellectual ownership). This way, we will be able to effectively solve various crises and challenges related to the green and digital transition in the future.

Project benefits
  • Thanks to the support system and development programmes created, more new high-tech companies will sprout from the university and they will reach the market and investor readiness faster.
  • Thanks to that, the knowledge created at the university will be applied to the economy and society, and the university’s contribution to serving society will increase.
  • This, in turn, will increase Estonia’s economic growth and competitiveness and improve the overall quality of life.
Results and deadlines
1. TalTech DeepEST 6-month spinoff programme has been created and successfully launched. 2022
2. Mentor- and investor network has been initiated. 2022
3. The policy for spin-offs and start-ups has been described. 2023
4. The pre-incubation service is available for users. 2023
5. A holding company has been established to hold the university's assets.2023
6. The STARTER continuation programme has been created and successfully launched. 2023
7. The number of students who have participated in the programmes has increased.2023-2025
8. The number of researchers who have participated in the programmes has increased. 2023-2025
9. The number of spin-offs set up has increased. 2023-2025
10. The number of other start-ups set up has increased. 2023-2025