Development of a digital environment supporting degree studies

Project has been launched

Develop and create a modern sustainable and durable e-environment supporting user-centred learning, offering optimized and proactive services to different users.

Project benefits

The students’ and other users’ satisfaction across different target groups is increasing due to the new e-learning environment. The new environment is technologically sustainable and allows users to support and change the level of their learning processes in a rapidly changing world.

Results and deadlines
The architecture plan, changes and action plan of the e-environment supporting user-centered level education have been agreed on and approved. Metrics and expected results have been agreed upon.2021
According to the plan, based on the target groups, user-centered, optimized and proactive e-services supporting level education have been developed. The e-environment is modular, monitorable and comprehensively supports advanced learning processes. Every year, the action plan is updated and refined in terms of metrics and results.2022-2025