Creating and launching a grant fund

Project has been launched

A TalTech funding model will be created for young researchers with the aim to mitigate the instability caused by project- and competition-based fixed-term funding of research. To support the independence of young researchers. To promote the development of the next generation of young researchers.

Project benefits
  1. Career security of young researchers and reduction of instability.
  2. Ensuring the next generation of researchers.
  3. Supporting and increasing researchers’ competitiveness.
Results and deadlines
1. Development of the terms of the grand fund - completed (if necessary, updated annually).2021 (completed)
2. Launching the grant fund and developing and implementing the necessary processes and technical solutions - partially done, but will be updated based on the feedback received.2022 (in progress)
3. Current and annual monitoring of the effects of the grant fund. Monitoring the need for the volume of the future grant fund.2022 - ....
4. Current communication of the grant fund's purpose, conditions and monitoring results.2021 - ....