Collection of mobility data

Project has been launched

To plan interventions to reduce TalTech’s carbon footprint by measuring the mobility data and behavioural awareness through Telia Crowd Insights. Mobility is an important part of TalTech’s overall carbon footprint, and Telia’s service provides urban and environmental planners with a tool to measure and compare CO2 emissions from different routes and modes. It helps to prioritize which activities have the greatest impact and allows progress to be measured. The service combines anonymous traffic data from Telia’s mobile network with the approved CO2 emission model CERO. Crowd Insights provides location-based overview of crowd movement patterns using mobile positioning. The location-based analysis of anonymous mobility data serves as the basis for further research and development activities carried out by the TalTech Real Estate Office, the TalTech FinEst Centre for Smart Cities, the university staff and students regarding specifically the mobility in TalTech, or other buildings and larger public spaces.

Project benefits
  • The project provides input on which projects are needed to make mobility more environmentally friendly.
  • The generated data can be used in the framework of teaching and learning and research done at the university.
Results and deadlines
Preliminary work - signing a contract with Telia, collection of data for data analysis (January 2023)January 2023
Main work - daily database collection, data processing according to GHGP Protocol as carbon footprint. January - September 2023
End of the project.September 2023