Development of user-centred support services for R&D projects (incl. Alpha)


Increase in the quality, number, and size of R&D + I projects, and the number of researchers and research teams applying. The second goal is to digitize the services of the Research Administration Office under the principles of client-centric service design, considering the “once only” and “single entry” principles.

(Activities of the project (RAK 6) have been transferred from the project RAK7)

Project benefits

Clear division of roles and role clarity and consequent reduction of duplication and time savings for core activities (PIs (principal investigator), project managers).
Increasing the quality and thus the quantity of R&D + I projects through the dissemination of best practices and the involvement of professional advisers, project writers, and administrators within the project life cycle;
Reduction of reporting errors. Increasing credibility in the eyes of partners.
Availability of operationalizable management information.
Increased satisfaction with support services.
Project partners’ satisfaction is increasing as the procedure of university project application and project management is of a high professional level.


Results and deadlines
Activity 1. Process analysis. 2022, (completed)
Sub-activity 1.1 Review the weaknesses and strengths of the current process. 2022, (completed)
Sub-activity 1.2 Analysis of the solutions used in different structural units.2022, (completed)
Activity 2. Description and enforcement of the updated work process
Sub-activity 2.1. Update of the project management rules. (Postponed)2023 III Q
Sub-activity 2.2 Keeping the project manual up to date as a guide to project management. 2022-2024, (on an ongoing basis)
Activity 3. Development of information technology solutions to support the work process, including participation in the Alpha project. When choosing solutions, preference is given to the development of existing information systems, interfacing and the use of existing data.
Sub-activity 3.1 Making budget monitoring tools available - the primary PowerBI-based solution for displaying NAV project module data. (Postponed)2023 I Q
Sub-activity 3.2 Analysis and implementation of an IT solution for the collection and processing of other project data within the Alpha project. 2024
Activity 4. Defining the roles, responsibilities and competencies of the staff involved in the management of R&D projects. 2022-2023
Sub-activity 4.1. Creating and supporting a network of project managers, including creating support materials, organizing seminars and trainings. Action initiated, ongoing
Activity 5. Communication activities 2022-2024
Sub-activity 5.1 We will continue to create information materials and, if necessary, adapt the existing one based on monitoring the use of it.
Sub-activity 5.2 We organize information and training sessions.