Designing, coordinating and overall promoting of Research policies at the University

Project has been launched

To provide high-quality input information to domestic and international policy-makers for decision-making. Actively participate in society-influencing processes from their early stages. Guide future implementation measures through policies to utilize the best evidence-based knowledge (including TalTech’s knowledge).

The scope of the project is related to the activities within the responsibility area of the Vice-Rector for Research, thus contributing but not encompassing coordination of university-wide other and strategic policies/decisions/processes.

Project benefits

The best evidence-based knowledge is available to different decision-making boards.

Results and deadlines
1. Participation of TalTech members in the policy-making process (working groups, councils, associations)
Sub-activity 1.1: Mapping.2022-2023
Sub-activity 1.2: Organization of training.2022-2023
2. Using TalTech knowledge in policy making
Sub-activity 2.1: Agreeing on the research policy priorities of the vice-rector for research for one year. 2022-2023
Sub-activity 2.2: Science Business (SB) network.2022-2023
Sub-activity 2.3: Agreeing on the position development process. 2022-2023
Sub-activity 2.4: policy@taltech network.2022-2023
3. Policymakers' awareness and cooperation with TalTech members
Sub-activity 3.1: Cooperation with the research advisors.2022-2023