Implementation of activity-based costing and revenue accounting principles

Project manager
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The management of the university is inclusive and value-based. Management decisions at every level direct the development of the university towards high quality teaching, learning and research.

Project goal

The implementation of the activity-based costing and revenue accounting principles in monitoring the budgeting and budget implementation at the university helps to increase the transparency of the use of financial resources and to answer the question: how much money is spent at the university on teaching and learning activities, research and development, community service and related sub-activities.

Project benefits

Implementing activity-based budgeting and activity-based budget implementation will help to better understand why this particular amount of money is spent on one activity or another and to identify the ways of making activities and processes more efficient. At the same time, the implementation of activity-based budgeting contributes to the diversification of revenue sources by creating preconditions for the payment of competitive salaries and the sustainable development of the various infrastructures of the university.